Cheerleading Tryouts

2022-2023 FSU Cheerleading Tryouts


April 10:  Registration closes and Material available on

April 15: First Round Videos Due

April 20:  First round decisions and announcement

MAY 13-15 – Final Tryouts (in person)

Registration for tryouts is at the bottom of this page.

Cheer Tryout Packet 22-23

TRYOUT MATERIAL: (should be filmed in this EXACT order)

  • Brief Introduction of self
  • Running Tumbling
    • Roundoff BHS tuck,
    • Roundoff backhandspring layout or full
    • elite tumbling pass (must twist to be considered elite)
  • Standing Tumbling
    • Standing back tuck
    • 2 BHS back tuck/layout/full
    • Standing elite (must twist to be considered elite ex: cartwheel full or standing full)
  • Gameday Chants (Will be available on website by 5:00 pm on 4/10)
  • Fight Song (Will be available on website by 5:00 pm on 4/10)
    • Must learn words as well

During the entirety of tryouts, attire for females is a black tank top or sports bra with black shorts.  Males are a black t-shirt (plain is preferred or limited writing) and black athletic shorts.  Females should have hair pulled out of face (half up half down with a ribbon is preferred).  Males and females should be “gameday ready” during tryouts.


  1. Register online at by 5:00 pm on April 10th, NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Must be accepted for fall of 2022 at Florida State University and must register as a full-time student (12 credit hours/semester) to be eligible to tryout.
  2. Watch Videos online and learn material.
  3. Submit Video
    • Record yourself doing a short introduction stating your name, hometown, class for 22-23 year and why you want to be a member of the FSU Cheer Team.
    • Record the following skills in order with no edits (do not stop recording, do not record skills individually, you are being judged on endurance as well as skill).
      • If you are using a cheer gym, please use a foam floor and not a spring floor (we ask that at the beginning of your video you show the floor you are using – pick up floor so we can see what is under mat)
        1. Running tumbling
        2. Standing tumbling
        3. Gameday Chants
        4. Fight Song
    • Video must be uploaded and set as unlisted on a video-hosting site (i.e. YouTube or can use a google link).
    • Clearly label the online video with first and last name. Please set as “unlisted” and email link & a head shot to Coach Staci Sutton at [email protected].
      • Videos will not be accepted any other way. If you do not receive a response from your email link, it was NOT received. Please give Coaching Staff 24 hours to reach out, confirming submission. The FSU physical packets will not be required for virtual tryouts but you will need to ensure that you complete the attached 2022-2023 Virtual Tryouts Waiver and fill out the online questionnaire.

Virtual tryout decisions will be posted online through our social media outlets.  An email will be sent to athletes selected for in person tryouts on April 20th.

In Person Tryouts Schedule

In person tryouts will be held at the Indoor Practice Facility on Florida State University’s campus May 13-15, 2022.

Friday, May 13, 2022
ATTIRE: Black Shorts with garnet, gold, black, grey or white top (males plain t-shirt -no print; females plain tank or sports bra)

5:30 pm               Doors open for athlete check-in and stretching – ATHLETES ONLY

6:00 PM              Partner Stunts

8:00 PM               Pyramids

9:30 pm               Dismissal

Advancements announced via Facebook: Florida State Cheerleading, Instagram: fsucheerleading, Twitter: @fsu_cheer

Saturday, May 14, 2022

ATTIRE: Black Shorts and black tops (males plain t-shirt; females tank or sports bra)

*cuts will be made throughout the day

8:30 am              Doors open

9:00 am             Sideline Evaluations (coed and all girl)

  • basic partner stunting, band dances and sidelines with stunts and signs

12:00pm              Lunch Break – IPF closed

2:00 pm            Skill Evaluations (coed and all girl)

  • elite partner stunts, pyramids, baskets, tumbling

  5:00 pm            Dinner Break – IPF Closed

  7:00 PM             Final Evaluations

  • final cuts, interviews

Sunday, May 15, 2022
ATTIRE: Black Shorts and black tops (males plain t-shirt; females tank or sports bra)

9:00 am           First Team Practice

2:00  pm          Dismiss

ALL times are subject to change.  Tryouts are closed to the public.


Fight Song

Nole Fans Yell FSU

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