2022 Spear-It Day

Spear-It Day 2022

Spear-It Day 2022 will be held August 27 before the Duquesne football game.

FSU vs Duquesne – Kick-Off 5:00 PM


Location: Tully Gymnasium

Time: 11:30 am- doors open

*entrance will be located on the Tennis Complex Side of Facility

12:00 pm – Clinic Begins

**parking lots do not open until 12:00 pm, you are able to drop your child off at stadium/spirit way but will need to come back at 12:00 pm to park if you are purchasing/using booster parking lots

2:30 pm – All Athletes must be picked up at Tully Gym

3:30 pm – Legacy Walk

• Walk with us over to welcome the football team at the Legacy Walk

CHECK IN FOR CLINIC:  Check-in tables will be set up in the Lobby of Tully Gym.  Doors will open at 11:30 am.  ALL parents/coaches/spectators need to be back inside the Tully gym at 2:30 pm. Cheer/Dance must leave at 2:45 (at the latest) to head to the Legacy Walk. At this point, participants will no longer be under the supervision of the FSU cheerleaders and Golden Girls (until we meet again for pregame – details below). You and your child/team are encouraged to follow us to the Legacy Walk at 3:30 pm to welcome the team.


There is seating available in Tully Gym and you are more than welcome to stay and watch.  If you chose to leave, you will not be able to come back into the gym until 2:30 PM. Food and drinks are not allowed in Tully Gymnasium, only water.  Please plan to pack a water bottle for your participant, as there will be water stations but limited cups.   Also, please refrain from allowing siblings to run around the facility.



We will be going over to the Football Team Legacy walk at 3:30 pm to welcome the team to the stadium.  We will walk over to the Legacy Walk as a group, if you chose to join us.   


Parking is available in Lot 19 for $50.00. You can purchase at the link below. Booster lots do not open until 12:00 pm.


Teams that registered and said that they will be arriving in a bus, will receive a print at home parking pass the week before the game.  Charter buses will park on Chiefton Way and MUST enter from Call Street.  Please see map below and follow the charter bus route shown. 

We have worked out with FSU PD to allow you all to DROP OFF your participants at the intersection of Spirit & Stadium (which if you look at the map below it’s right where the blue #2 is) from 10:45 am – 11: 15 am (near the soccer field).  We will have athletes there to walk participants over, should you chose this option.   Please be quick when letting them out at this location. If you chose to drop them off and go park, we can give your packet to your FSU buddy to hang onto until you arrive. Booster lots do not open until 12:00 pm.

Parking Map: https://cdn.evbuc.com/eventlogos/124874539/parking.png 


25 minutes before kick-off (when the football teams clear the field) all participants can begin to make their way to the field – weather permitting

When registering your child for the clinic, each registration comes with ONE football game ticket for the participant. If you would like to purchase additional tickets for yourself, family, or friends, please make sure to purchase them before checking out.

NO BACKPACKS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE STADIUM and FSU has gone to the CLEAR BAG POLICY so please make sure to go on the following link to ensure that you have no issues upon entering the stadium.  If you have backpacks or purses/bags that do not follow the policy below, they will not allow you to enter the stadium and you will have to take them back to your vehicles. https://seminoles.com/fsu-clear-bag-policy/


Shirts are garnet and any athletic short is fine (we recommend black). Please make sure all athletes have on sneakers. All participants and registered coaches will need to wear the shirt and wristband provided in the packets for the on field performance.  No parents will be allowed onto the field for pre-game, just registered coaches with teams (please understand and assist us with this wish so we can continue to allow this event to take place in a safe environment and atmosphere).

 GENERAL: View larger version of the stadium seating map.

Clinics are taught by the FSU cheerleaders & Golden Girls Dance Team.  There will be two separate clinics going on at the same time.  One being the cheerleading and one being the dance.  Both clinics will be split up by age/talent level and will be assigned a “FSU BUDDY” that will be in their teaching group, as well as their on the field contact person.  The groups will be split up as follows: Beginner Garnet (3-5 year olds), Beginner Gold (6-8)  Intermediate (9-13 years old), Advanced (13 and up) & then Teams.  Pre-game performance could be delayed or cancelled should there be bad weather in the area.  We will get information out via the email address and cell phone number that you registered with so please make sure that is correct.  Please understand we will do what is safe for our participants and university athletes and follow the instructions of our administrative staff should there be inclement weather.  No refunds will be provided should this occur.


At 25:00 minutes on the game clock (when the football teams clear the field) all participants can begin to make their way to the SOUTH WEST side of the stadium and enter field from stairs in section 119.  The participants face the South endzone for the performance so you should be able to get pictures from section 118.  After the on-field performance participants will exit the field and go back into the stands using the same staircase. If you do not have tickets section 118, we encourage you to watch the performance from our section. Coaches can immediately take teams from field back into the seats. 


It is forecasted to be EXTREMELY HOT on Saturday so please make sure that you and your participant are drinking plenty of water NOW to ensure that you are prepared for the heat index on Saturday.

Shoes must be worn throughout the clinic, especially for the dancers. No exceptions will be made, so please plan accordingly and wear athletic shoes to the clinic.

Please make sure that the cell phone number you provide during checkout is for a parent/guardian that we can be in touch with on the day of the clinic.

 Check-in Process:

At check in, we will provide you with a packet that will have all of your game tickets that you ordered (participant and extras) and t-shirts ordered.  Once you come into the facility you will go to the registration tables and provide them with your Eventbrite ticket (either paper copy or on your smartphone).  If you do not have either, they can pull up your registration by last name. If you registered under as a group, you will check in at TEAM REGISTRATION. 

Team Registration:

To register and sit together as a team, please input your team name when registering. This is helpful for us to make sure that all team registrations are kept together and will streamline the checkin process. Coach’s registrations are also available at a discount with team registrations.

Refund Policy:

  • You may request a refund up to 10 days before the event. If you request a refund after registering all funds will be credited back to the account with which you initially paid except for $25 to offset fees and expenses incurred by the organizer.
  • In the unfortunate event that the football game is cancelled or rescheduled, all participant/coach registrations will be refunded except for $25 to offset fees and expenses incurred by the organizer.
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