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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any height and weight requirements?

We DO NOT have specific height and weight requirements.

If I am currently a high school senior but will not graduate until June, can I still tryout and be selected to the squad?

Yes, as long as you have submitted an application for Admission

What should I wear to tryouts?

You should wear:

Are College Prep Clinics Mandatory?

College Prep Clinics are non-mandatory clinics offered to provide excellent preparation for the upcoming tryout. They are taught by current FSU cheerleading squad members and coaching staff.  You may attend one or all the clinics. They will take place in the Albert J Dunlap Athletic Training Facility which is located across from the Moore Athletic Center (403 Stadium Drive West, Tallahassee, FL 32303)

How should I wear my make-up?

Make-up should complement your natural beauty.

How should I wear my hair?

Hair should be half up half down with a ribbon that is not too big

What is the tryout process?

Tryouts are a multi-step process beginning with Application, Preliminary, Semi-Final, Possible Personal Interview and Final Tryouts. Squad members will be selected from participants in the Final Auditions. Plan on spending the whole day!  An exact schedule will be posted the week prior to tryouts.  If you are trying to book flights out they need to be after 4:00 pm on Sunday.

If I do not advance to semi-finals will my application be kept on file?

No. You must re-apply with a new application, non-returnable photo, and application processing fee each year.

If I am not selected as a cheerleader may I call the FSU Spirit Office to receive my judges’ comments?

No. The judges’ sheets are not kept on file and comments about your tryout are not available.

If I make the team, when do practices begin?

We will require a couple dates out of you over the summer and those will be provided to you if you make the team.  During the season, All practices are Mon/Tues/Thurs at 6:00 pm.

What type of time commitment is required if chosen for as a squad member?


Activities include:

Are there certain cheer skills that I must have to be able to do at tryout?

A standing back is a definite requirement.  We suggest that all participants have at least a round off back handspring layout.  If you are a top, you will try out for both teams and we will determine where we will utilize you.  If you are trying out for all girl and can do multiple stunting positions, we will ask to see those and then determine where we want you throughout the process.  For stunting we require that you know how to do all the basics such as extension, lib and stretch.  During final cuts we will get into more elite skills such as rewinds and full ups.

May I try out if I have a tattoo?

Yes, you may try out if you have a tattoo.  Our policy is that even the smallest of tattoos may not be visible in the uniform or in rehearsal attire.  There are many effective products available at stores or online.  Additionally, concealer, followed by setting powder, then bronzer to match color, can also be effective.

Can my family watch tryouts?

Some parts of tryouts are closed to the public and this will be announced the weekend of tryouts.